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The Mastering Engineer - Mixing Engineer - Owner - Mentor

CJ Jacobson is an audio engineer, mastering engineer, musician, producer, songwriter, and teacher. He is proficient in guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. His passion for recording began 28 years ago when he bought his first 4 track recorder in Long Island New York. Ever since then, his infatuation for recording, mixing and mastering a has led him to learning and honing his craft as an audio engineer specializing in audio mastering and audio mixing.
To his credit, CJ mixed and mastered the award-winning album 'Hear My Prayer" by The Showers Family Singers. It Won Best Traditional Gospel Album - Read more about this and other news.

CJ also mastered the entire movie soundtrack "Driven To Kill.. Again." and has mastered songs for the movie soundtrack, "King Of Paper Chasin." To add to his credits, CJ has mixed and mastered over 90 TV commercials and tens of thousands of songs over the past 20 years.

CJ Jacobson - Mastering Engineer
CJ Jacobson - Mastering Engineer

CJ's company, Audio Mastering And Mixing, has been ranked #1 for best overall online Audio Mastering Sites - Top 20 mastering sites and Audio Mixing Sites - Top 20 mixing sites. His Studio won the Sunrise Award for Best Mixing and Mastering Studio for 2014, 2015 and 2017
Besides being a mastering engineer at Audio Mastering and Mixing, CJ also taught a music production course on the recording program Sonar by Cakewalk. His course was officially sponsored by Cakewalk by Roland and was held at Music Talks Educational Center. In his spare time, CJ enjoys recording and producing ring tones, karaoke music, and original music, as it keeps his musician skills sharp. CJ also plays bass guitar in a local band in Fort Lauderdale / Miami area and plays out at local venues all over the South and Central Florida area.

CJ's job as a mastering engineer is to get your songs to sound its best without spending a lot of money to do so.. He knows that times are tough right now. I think we all do. He offers his professional services so the average artist/band can afford it. His mastering rates are way below the professional average.

As the times change, so does the technology. With the advent of software recording programs, CJ has applied and excelled In the use of these programs while still using and keeping in touch and still using all of his analog gear. His best tools are still his ears and years of experience. He has a knack for knowing what sounds good and what it takes to make an average song become a great song. Just as he loves being a mastering engineer, he also enjoys helping others learn and grow to their full potential. He has mentored many students and has trained them to be great audio engineers. Are you up for it?

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