A Two Step Process. (1) ⇒ Purchase  (2 Upload Your Files - Everything Is Done On This Page.

STEP 1 - Purchase The Mastering Option 1 or 2

  • Digital download of your mastered songs to the standard CD format (16 bit & 44kHz CD Standard) or at a format of your choice
  • Mp3's of your mastered songs if you request them at the time of ordering
  • Free Unlimited Revisions of the original mix we mastered
  • Songs more than 6 minutes are subject to an additional charge of $10


1 Song = $50 | 2 to 4 = $45 Per Song | 5 to 9 = $40 Per Song | 10 to 14 Song Special As Low As $29 Per Song

  • Master Grade Gold audio CD of your mastered songs burned to Red Book Specifications. Great for replication, duplication and long term storage
  • Embedding CD text & ISRC codes (supplied by client) and PQ codes 
    error checked reference CD
  • Digital downloads of all your mastered songs
  • Printed out track sheet and PQ list
  • Mp3's upon request at the time of order
  • Free Unlimited Revisions of the original mix we mastered


1 Song = $70 | 2 TO 5 = $60 Per Song | 6 to 10 = $55 Per Song | 10 to 14 Song Special As Low As $40 Per Song  

STEP 2 - Upload The Audio Files To Us


Click Below To Upload Your Files To Us - Safe & Secure


  • Optimization of your LUFS, RMS, Short and Long Term Peak, and True Peak dB volume levels for that right level of relative loudness that is just right for that song's specific genre
  • Improvement of low-end definition and will add more power and punch to your mix
  • Adding clarity and sheen to the high-end of your mix, as well as making the mid and low frequencies well balanced without muddying them up
  • Adding warmth to your audio with our high-end analog gear
  • Establishing a superior sonic field for all your songs
  • Correction of mixing deficiencies with equalization
  • The matching of levels throughout all your songs. So each song flows from one to another and each song will be at the same perceived volume from one song to another
  • Dynamic controlled processing with the correct use of compression
  • Stereo Image Enhancement, if needed and if it doesn't degrade the lower frequency ranges in the center channel.
  • Removal of all unwanted noise throughout your tracks. This includes before the song starts, during the song is playing, and after it ends. This is for pops, clicks, crackles, hiss and any other artifacts in your audio. Note that not all artifacts can be removed during the song without degrading the sound quality of the song. Each situation is different and we will analyze it and determine the best route to go to get rid of any artifacts
  • Editing and fixing the timing between your tracks
  • The insertion of fades if applicable and if we are told to do so before we start
  • Arranging of tracks for its final sequence
  • Upon request at the time of ordering, we are happy to also convert and send you high quality 320 bitrate MP3 files with every mastering option Free of charge. This is the highest MP3 bitrate possible. So you can have a wav file and an MP3 version of your final master
  • The difference is night and day between a professionally mastered song and one that was not professionally mastered!


  1.  If you want the best possible results and you are not experienced with the use of compressors, limiters and EQ,  Do Not compress, limit or EQ your master bus (mix bus).
  2.  The peak level on your master bus (mix bus) should never go above -3dB PEAK.  Anywhere from -10dB to -3dB PEAK is good. Do not worry about the loudness. The loudness will come in the mastering stage.
  3.  Do not change the sample rate and bit depths. Keep these at their original format they where mixed in.
  4.  We accept Wave Files and AIFF Files. MP3's degrade the sound quality and is not a recommended format for mastering. If MP3's are all you have, then we can work with it.
  5.  If you can, leave 2 seconds of silence before and after your audio file.
  6.  If you are sending more than one audio file, you should zip them into a zip folder before uploading it to us. This makes the upload and download process faster.
  7.  Songs longer than 6 minutes are subject to an additional charge.

More Information About Our Mastering Process

If you have any questions on how to get your files ready, please Contact Us and ask us. No question to dumb! We are here to help you


Turnaround Time is usually within 24 hours for 1 to 3 songs. For 4 to 9 songs, it's usually 1 to 2 days. For a complete CD/album, the time shall be no longer than 4 days from receipt of material & payment. Times could vary depending on our work load, but we are good at keeping the posted turnaround times.

If you selected an audio mastering option that includes a physical master grade CD, please allow an extra 2 to 3 days for shipping. Albums should be no longer than 74 minutes (do to red book specs) and songs should be no longer than 8 minutes long. All CDs are shipped through the United States Postal Service

Fast mixing and mastering, 24 hour turnaround time

Attended Mastering Sessions

If you want to be there when your music is getting mastered by the CJ, the mastering engineer, this is for you. Attended Mastering Sessions cost $150 per song and there is a 2 song minimum. With this, you receive a Gold Master, an Error checked Reference CD and a printed out Track sheet. All CDs are burned to Red Book Specifications. All attended sessions are by appointment only and a $75 deposit is required in advanced.

CONTACT US to schedule an attended mastering session today

ATTENTION: We are only performing online mixing and online mastering services due to the corvid 19 corona virus.

All attended sessions are on hold until further notice. We are looking at a date of April 10th, but will keep you posted as that date nears.

We are still OPEN for online mixing and mastering and it is the same exact services, except, you are not there in person. 

Please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding this. Our goal is to keep you and your family's safe. Thank you, CJ Jacobson

We Also Have Other Mastering Services For:

Audio Books - Voice Overs - Radio Spots - TV & Radio Commercials 

These Services Can Includes:

  • Enhancement of the sound quality of your spoken word content and audio content (if it contains background audio music.)
  • Removal of coughs, lip smacks and other sounds between your spoken words. We make sure there are no artifacts and sounds between words.
  • We can edit your tracks, by rearranging words and/or taking out a particular word or words.
  • We can add effects to certain words and the entire voice, like echo's and reverb to make it sound far away. We can raise or lower the pitch of certain words. We can make it sound upfront by controlling the dynamics of each word. If you can think of it, we can do it!
  • Because the Spoken Word Genre, Audio books, Radio Commercials, TV Commercials and Radio Spots will be played back on many different audio systems, from ear buds, car stereo, TV's, all the way to an expensive HI-FI stereo systems. We monitor them on different sound systems to assure that everything sounds great on all playback systems. Including ear buds, car stereo, TV, headphones, PC /Lap top speakers and studio monitors. This assures your final masters will translate on every playback system.
  • Recording your voice overs, audio books, TV commercials, radio spots and spoken word
  • We can do anything else you have in mind.

To get an accurate pricing quote for your Voice Overs, TV Commercials, Radio Spots and Audio Books, please click below and include details about your project