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We Are A High End Professional Online Mixing and Mastering Studio For All Your Mastering And Mixing Needs, Worldwide & Locally

We've Been Serving The Online Worldwide Communities And The Surrounding Local Areas Respectfully For Over 26 Years With Our Award Winning Online Audio Mastering and Mixing Services

  1. We Have All The Experience, Knowledge and Skills To Make Your Music Sound Better than Anything You Have Ever Expected.
  2. Your Songs Will Go To That Next Level and We Will Give Your Music that Professional Sound, Including Warmth, Clarity & Shine, While Keeping the Dynamics Intact and Not Squashing Your Music. 
  3. We Won The Sunrise Studio Award for 'Best Audio Mastering and Audio Mixing Studio' for 2017, 2014 and 2013


Online Mastering Services
Online Audio Mastering Studio
Online Mastering Studio
Online Mastering Studio


  • Why your songs lack punch and a strong solid sound?
  • Why your music is missing that crisp, polished, glossy and well rounded sound?
  • Why your music doesn't measure up to what you hear on the radio, iTunes, CD's that you have purchased and other professionally produced bands?
  • Why your music isn't as loud as all the other professionally mastered songs?
  • Why your music does not sound good in your car stereo or in another sound  system, but it sounds great in your studio?
  • Why cant you get the mix to sound the way you want it to?

If you answered Yes to Any of These Questions Above, we will help you achieve that elusive sound you've been trying to get. We offer the same exact professional audio mastering and mixing services to you, that our signed commercial bands and artist get. It can all be done online or you can attend the sessions yourself.       PURCHASE MASTERING     PURCHASE MIXING


"Hello CJ, I have to tell you that your mastering work is impeccable. I'm not just saying

this, because I mastered the same song at Abbey Road and that was not to this extent at all. I monitored the master onB&W 802s and they sound really good.
All the linear notes I gave were beautifully implemented into the master."

Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy

"CJ, this really rocks now!

Really great mixing and mastering job. I really do appreciate the extra time you took in removing all the annoying breath noises from our lead vocal track.

Thanks Thanks Thanks!  I will definitely return with future mix and mastering orders."


"Thank you for your fast turnaround service and great work. The song sounds really good, better than before.

I am very happy with all of your choices that you made. Your work is as advertised! Most online studios are not!"

Phlex Skillz ShoShot Entertainment

"Once again, thanks for doing such a great job. 

For a long time this project was known as the Doomed Album, because it looked like it was never going to be finished. 

But, now it is thanks to you and it packs a powerful punch. Thanks a lot, or as we say in Liverpool - 'ta, la!' (translated as 'thanks, lad')"

Le Emu tavern


  • It will give your songs that Polished, Professional, Crisp, and Cohesive sound that commercially released songs have
  • Your music will sound its best on all sound systems. Including: Your car, iTunes, Spotify, the club, your Hi-Fi stereo, iPods, portable radios, your PC and every other available playback system you can imagine 
  • It will improve the Low-End Definition and add Massive Power and Punch to your songs
  • It will add Clarity and very nice Hi-End Sheen to your music
  • It will add and Increase the Overall Warmth of your audio
  • The Stereo Image will be Enhanced for all your songs with special panning techniques and edits
  • It Raises the overall LUFS, RMS, True Peak, Short and Long Term Peak sound levels, so your music plays back at the highest optimal levels and is as loud as commercially signed artist for your genre
  • Elimination of noise between songs with Advanced Noise Reduction techniques
  • Correcting all the Mixing Deficiencies with Equalization & Dynamic Controlled Processing, including Mid and Side Edits
  • Your levels will match throughout all your songs, so each song flows from one to another. This makes for a smooth transition between each song in your album or EP
  • It will embed ISRC codes, CD text, and all PQ codes
  • It will be burned to Red Book Specifications on a mastering grade gold audio disk and ready for the replication service
  • You will get a printed Track Sheet with the audio mastering options that include a mastering grade gold audio CD



FREE MASTERING With Every Mix You Purchase

  • All the levels of each song will be well balanced, so each track is relative to each other in the mix
  • Every instrument will have its own frequency range to sit in the mix
  • A create 3D image of your mix will be created using very special imaging and panning technique
  • Each instrument will sit in its own stereo field and frequency range, so it will be heard clearly and without masking the other instruments in the mix
  • Dimension and ambiance will be added to your music with the addition of effects and audio processors. Including hardware and software effects
  • We will control the dynamics of every track in a very professional way that it will make all your instruments have more power, punch, clarity, space and shine. This makes all the instruments in your mix sit better in the mix and each and every instrument track will be heard clearly in its own space and frequency field.
  • All unwanted noise between the tracks will be cleaned up. Other mixing and mastering studios will charge your extra for this!
  • Having an experienced audio engineer mix your song will significantly enhance the sound quality and will also improve your music's marketability. This will improve your chances for success because your song will have the same sound quality of a signed artist and you will be able to compete with all the other professionally produced bands & artist


We Make The Playing Field Level For You!

You no longer need to be backed by a Major Record Label or have a Huge Budget to have your songs mixed and/or mastered by a professional audio engineer. You can have your Music, EP or Album mixed and/or mastered in a very high end professional state of the art studio with CJ, an audio engineer and musician that has over 26 years experience in the audio engineering industry and has acquired the complete knowledge in the craft of audio mixing and mastering. 

We Will Bring New Life And Dimension Into Your Music.

Our low cost services have made it possible for you to have your songs, EP and album professionally mixed and/or mastered with the same exact sound quality and attention to details that the commercially produced and released songs get. 

We Specialize In All Genre's of Music

    From Alternative Rock to Zydeco (A to Z) and every genre in between. No matter what genre of music you play, record or mix, we can make it sound fantastic!

    Rock, Electronic, Country, Hip Hop, Rap, Metal, Blues, Folk, Gospel, Punk, Reggae, Classical, Jazz, Dance, Disco, Latin, African, Asian, Arabic, Funk, Soul, Trap, Dub Step, Alternative, Grunge, Big Band, Blue Grass, Opera, Samba, World Music, Techno, Trance, EDM (electronic Dance Music), Motown, Ska, Experimental, Psychedelic, Caribbean, Soul and many more.


 We are a professional music studio that specializes in 2 things, audio mixing and audio mastering services. 

 We are unlike any other audio mastering and audio mixing studios you will find online. 

 We give your music the attention it needs in order for your music  to sound as best as humanly possible. 

 We take our time with every song we mix and/or master! Every client gets 100% of our attention.

Visit Our New Audio Production Blog For Tips, Tricks, Opinions, Thoughts On Everything Involved with Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering. I will share my past experiences In mixing and mastering, throughout my years of doing it.